We are the Shaukins, a community for all looking to celebrate Indian culture
through their style, and we strive to bring our people the highest quality Indian
wear with spice.
Too often Indians are met with prejudice and mistreatment. We’re made fun of for
our food, our appearance, our culture, and more while we are shoehorned into
being “nerds” or “losers”. We are stereotyped into “Baljeets” regularly, but over time we start to block out that noise and come into our own people.

Shaukins embraces Indian culture by going into its essence. Our attempt is to bring a modern approach to our traditional attire & thus welcome it as an integral part of our daily episode. Our goal is to help Indians look and feel trendy
while celebrating what they used to be ridiculed for. Being Indian is nothing
to be ashamed of, and we want to give our people a way to take pride in their
culture in their own uniquely way.
Our clothing is fashionable and comfy, made with some of the best quality fabrics, we are proud to provide. Celebrate and share Indian culture and cop some Indian wear with spice today :)